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MoonClan's Prophecy- Epilogue: 13 Moons Later
Snowdawn’s eyes flew open as a set of small claws pricked her spine. She lifted her head, whirling on the little kit.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she meowed lovingly, leaning forward to brush her nose against the little black kit with eyes greener than the grass in greenleaf.
Spiderkit’s ears went back and he gave her the most vicious growl he could muster, baring his teeth. Snowdawn couldn’t help but purr at her young son’s attempt at being ferocious.
“Where is your sister?” she asked, pulling him closer with her paws and licking the top of his head clean. He didn’t seem to enjoy it, but he put up with the grooming.
“I don’t know. Probably with Gingerkit and Pebblekit.”
Snowdawn looked around for her sister’s kits, but they were nowhere in sight. Gingerkit, Pebblekit, and their brother, Rainkit, were two moons younger than Snowdawn’s own kits, who were almost apprentic
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 22
"Snowdawn? Snowdawn, please wake up!"
"Flamepool?" Snowdawn croaked, opening her eyes. She expected to hear the sounds of battle cries and see the night sky, or maybe even see a bunch of starry cats standing over her, but all she saw was the wall of a den.
"Where am I?"
"The medicine den," Flamepool answered. "You were hurt pretty badly. I thought...I thought you wouldn't make it..."
Snowdawn looked around the den. There were multiple cats in nests, some sleeping, some being simultaneously treated by Mallowfeather. They all looked beaten and battle worn with wounds covering their bodies. One of Sunheart's eyes was closed shut, four slash marks over it.
"The battle?" Snowdawn whispered. She tried to drag herself up, managing to pull up the front half of her body. She had to get back to fighting! MoonClan couldn't lose!
"Won." Flamepool meowed.
"...what?" Snowdawn frozen, looking at her sister in surprise.
"We won!"
Snowdawn turned her head to look at the den entrance. Faint morning ligh
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 21
A/N: This chapter is not edited. I got sick of staring at it so I just decided to post it. Please ignore awkwardness in it, I'll edit it later.
Snowdawn picked up a long stick in her mouth and rose up, sitting on her hind paws and sticking the stick in a small hole in the camp wall. She used her paws to weave it into the wall as she leaned back against Sootlife to keep her balance. Once it was in place, she let herself fall back to the ground, picking up another stick before rising back up to sit on her back paws.
“Sootlife!” Sunheart called as he padded over, addressing the deputy and Snowdawn with a nod of respect.
“Yes, Sunheart?” Sootlife asked. Snowdawn wove the stick into its place, making sure it was secured in snuggly before dropping and grabbing another stick.
“The back wall is finished. What would you like us to do now?” Sunheart asked.
“Take everybody who finished the wall and anybody else who isn’t doing anything and go
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 20
Flamepool stretched out, her claws unsheathing slowly, her pelt twitching. Fractured sunlight filtered in through the branches, warming her pelt. Greenleaf was beginning, and with it, full bellies and abundant life.
“Finally!” came an exasperated hiss. “Leafpaw has been asking everybody when you’d wake up!”
Flamepool sighed and rose to her paws, shaking out her pelt. She looked at Falconstorm out of the corner of her eyes. He was sitting up in his nest, cleaning his pelt.
“Well, he can wait a tad bit longer. We were battle training all day yesterday, and i'm sore.”
Falconstorm rolled his eyes. “It can’t be that bad.”
“Wait until you have an apprentice,” Flamepool meowed, stepping out of her nest.
“It’ll be a while yet. They’re aren’t any queens.”
Flamepool nodded. “Our clan is large and prosperous, however. I think we can go a season without new kits.”
Falconstorm shrugged
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 19
“It’s a gorgeous day, isn’t it, Flamepool?”
Flamepool looked up at the bright blue sky. New-leaf was drawing to a close, giving way to the intense heat of green-leaf.
“Stunning,” Flamepool mumbled sarcastically, washing her side as she sat near the Nursery. Cinderblossom was watching her kits play as she stretched out across the ground, her eyes half closed.
“They’ll be apprentices soon,” Cinderblossom meowed. “I hope you and Snowdawn get them as your apprentices. They really have taken a liking to you two.”
Flamepool let out a purr. “I hope so, too.” She watched Falconkit as he crouched, leaping at his sister. Birchkit let out a squeal, falling back onto her side as she kicked out, trying to get away from him. The two continued to tumble in the grass, unaware of the cats around them.
“Rosekit is ready to be an apprentice, right?” Flamepool asked, looking at Cinderblossom. Cinderblossom lifted her
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 18
Snowdawn had never felt so weak and hungry. The smell of prey drifted from the small fresh-kill pile, and all she wanted to do was grab the biggest thing there and collapse to eat, but she restrained herself as the cats gathered around her.
Her mother was of course more than happy to see her daughter again, but Snowdawn was getting irritated at how Moonstar was hanging over her, refusing to let her out of her sight. Dayflight was a little less demanding, standing back a bit so that he was apart of the crowd.
Snowdawn looked at Sootlife, who was being bombarded by his mother. Scorchfur stayed tall and composed, maintaining the leader-like state he was always in. Branchflight and Thrushpelt were enjoying joyous reunion with their mates, the latter seeing his kits for the first time. They stared up at him in awe, hardly old enough to walk around.
But there was one cat Snowdawn hadn't seen. Flamepool hadn't appeared, and the way all the cats were acting, they didn't seem to notice that one
:iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 2 1
MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 17
Flamepool didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t want to acknowledge the voice. She just wanted to shut it all out and let life pass on without her.
“Flamepool, I know you’re awake!”
Fox-dung, she thought, although she still didn’t open her eyes.
The rich scent of mouse drifted into her nose, and her stomach rumbled audibly.
“If you’re not going to go on a walk with me, then at least eat,” the voice ordered.
Flamepool still didn’t move. Maybe they’d go away.
“Flamepool! For StarClan’s sake, eat! Before I force it down your throat.”
“I suggest you eat it...” Cinderblossom’s voice drifted from the Nursery entrance.
Flamepool groaned and opened her eyes. She slowly lifted her gaze, meeting Hawkpaw’s cold, hard and angry stare.
She glared at him, then lifted her head and hooked the mouse with a claw, dragging it towards her. She too
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 16
Flamepool sat in the center of the camp, staring up at the sky. It was clear for once, no gray and ominous clouds to make her feel any worse than she already did. The sun rested on top of the trees, dipping downward, plunging the clearing into shadows.
“I’m sure they’re fine, Flamepool.” Hawkpaw sat next to her, pressed up against her, fur fluffed up to block out the cold. She really didn’t mind being so close to him. They had grown closer, closer than she had ever felt to any cat other than those in her family. She welcomed the warmth and friendship he provided her, especially during such a troubling time.
“Ten days,” she choked out. Her voice quivered as she spoke, her emotions threatening to spill out. “Ten days they’ve been gone, Hawkpaw. Almost eleven. They wouldn’t be gone that long. They would only have been gone 2 or 3 days. It would only have taken them a full day at most to get to the twolegplace. They wouldn’t
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MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 15
"Snowdawn! Snowdawn, wake up."
The smell of fresh mouse greeted Snowdawn. She shuffled in her makeshift nest, groaned, and then opened her eyes. A mouse lay right in front of her nose, Sootlife standing over it, casting a shadow over her.
"Eat!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I found you a mouse!"
Snowdawn picked up her head and looked around sleepily. She was the last one to wake up.
The others must be out hunting, she thought.
As Snowdawn looked around, she took in her surroundings, of which she had not been able to get a good enough look at last night. The entire twolegplace was nestled down next to the mountains with forest on three sides, the only side without forest being the one that faced MoonClan's territory in the distance.
Right now, they were on the side of the twolegplace, in the thin, scraggly forest at the base of the mountains. The reek of twolegs reached them, filling their noses until their minds spun. The trees were so thin and spaced far apart that Snowdawn could l
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Belltail for Moon-Dazzle by MoonTheGreat Belltail for Moon-Dazzle :iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 2 2
MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 14
Flamepool watched as the patrol left the camp, her sister at the back with Sootlife. She sighed, closing her eyes.
Please bring them all back safely! she prayed to StarClan.
Flamepool opened her green eyes and look up at the cloudy sky. The sun was not visible, the clouds blocking it out. Flamepool guessed it was still around mid-morning. She didn't have to patrol until sun-high.
One day, she thought, I will be a mentor and go into the forest not just for patrols! But there was one flaw. Robinwing, Thrushpelt and Cinderblossom were older than Flamepool, and they had not yet received an apprentice. Of course, Cinderblossom was pregnant and would then have to care for her kits for six moons, so she would not receive an apprentice. Robinwing and Thrushpelt would probably get Mosskit and Graykit. Maybe she would get Maplekit! Or one of Cinderblossom's kits.
Flamepool felt reassured that there were indeed more kits to come, and she might have an apprentice this time nex
:iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 6 4
Morningfur and Redfeather Under the Mistletoe by MoonTheGreat Morningfur and Redfeather Under the Mistletoe :iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 5 0
MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 13
Snowdawn padded along through the forest, her paws sinking into the first snow of leaf-bare. The snow rose half way up her legs and froze her to the bone. A freezing wind rattled through the now bare trees that rose up like bones clawing at the sky, which was a thick mass of gray clouds.
Snowdawn's stomach let out a rumbling growl. With leaf-bare comes a shortage of food, and this leaf-bare was a particularly harsh one. She glanced around at the other patrol members. Blackpelt walked at the head, his ears flat against his head. Branchflight and Lilyfur followed, Branchflight stumbling and Lilyfur with a hard, determined look about her face. Snowdawn trailed at the back, glancing around for any potential prey.
Suddenly, Blackpelt stopped. He flicked his tail through the bushes to a thrush that was trying to find berries on a bush. It wasn't having much luck.
"I'll get it," Snowdawn said in a hushed whisper, falling down into the hunters crouch. She had always been a very good hunter, an
:iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 6 5
MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 12
"Blackpelt, I need you to take a patrol around the river border," Scorchfur announced as the cats settled down around him. "Take Flamedsparks, Branchflight and Flamepool."
Flamepool, who had been washing, pricked her ears and sat up as she heard her name.
Blackpelt nodded and moved away, the other cats Scorchfur had called following him. Flamepool stood and followed him, too. She glanced back at the cats, spotting Snowdawn among them. She let out a purr, pride filling her, as she remembered Snowdawn defeating the badger on her own about a moon ago. The clan had certainly been shocked, and the kits liked her to tell the story.
They exited camp and padded towards the fields. As they reached the edge of the trees, they turned towards the river and walked along the border.
Flamepool listened to the patter of the patrol's paws on the ground as they walked. Occasionally, they would stop to mark the border or smell a bush or a patch of grass. They did stop once when the smell of fox reached t
:iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 8 14
MoonClan's Prophecy- Chapter 11
Snowdawn yawned and stretched, the blackness of the warriors den closing in around her. She sat up in her nest and glanced around the den. Light filtered through the entrance, falling on the sleeping bodies of Lilacslash and Robinwing. Lilacslash's head was rested on the orange tom's back. Snowdawn shivered.
Lilacslash had been pregnant for a moon. Snowdawn couldn't imagine a bunch of little Lilacslash copies running around camp. Would they be evil like her? Would they grow up, wanting to murder innocent cats because "mother" told them it was okay? Snowdawn remembered when Lilacslash had announced her pregnancy to the whole clan a few days after Morningfur's death. She had done it so arrogantly, making Moonstar call a meeting and then leaping onto the High Limb like she was the leader when she could have easily stayed on the ground to say it. The whole clan had cheered and congratulated her and Robinwing, but Snowdawn, along with Sootlife and Flamepool, had stayed back and refused to a
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Screech and Dusk by MoonTheGreat Screech and Dusk :iconmoonthegreat:MoonTheGreat 2 6




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